Launch of Manthan :India's Platform for Research and Innovation 

We at Plus Innovations are honoured and privileged to have worked with Government of India (GOI) in the launch of Manthan – India’s platform for Research and Innovation along with NSE-IT (Reseller & Implementation Partner). This project was jointly delivered by NSE IT and Ideabridge Teams.

The Manthan platform promotes collaboration at scale between industry and the scientific research and development ecosystem to help meet India’s national targets and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This platform aims to empower various stakeholders to scale up the interactions with researchers/innovators and facilitate R&D/innovation, share challenges focused on emerging technologies, other scientific interventions, as well as those with a social impact.

The potential of this premier digital platform is vast, providing a common platform for Industry, Grassroot Innovators, Academia, Startups, and the Scientific R&D communities to address problem statements and devise strategies and solutions that will have a telling effect on the future of the nation. Key Functionalities and operational elements within this platform, which comprise Demand Side users who can initiate a request for solutions, and Supply Side users who can propose solutions, with the able support of Moderators/Administrators who administer the regular feature-abundance of the platform.

The platform was Developed by using Ideabridge Core IP Low-Code & No-Code BPM Platform with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Self-Service methodologies, democratization and decentralization are the core guiding principles that have been considered during the design stage of the platform.

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