Beautiful Designs

We believe to generate great ideas, one needs to have an open mind and clutter free canvas. It is this philosophy that has driven us to create an intuitive and plesant UI to enable you to create the next big idea.
We are very happy with IdeaBridge. The application is very intuitive and user-friendly
On the day of launch, we were overwhelmed with the response and to our surprise, we didn't have a single support call.
Leena Bhatt
Manager, Adani Group

Easy Form Creation

Capturing relevant data is the key to innovation. We help you to accelerate ideation and scale innovation with dynamic forms.

Custom Workflows and Approvals

To nurture innovation, one needs to have flexible processes to get maximum output. With our well-thought workflow engine, you can customise the workflows and approvals to suit your organisational needs

Evaluation Metrics

The science of choosing the best idea is reduce errors and eliminate biases.We at IdeaBridge have you covered with our proprietary evaluation metrics. You can apply this to any form where the users or approvers can evaluate an idea. You can also define the percentage score for users v/s approvers.

Idea Implementation

Having a great idea is just the beginning. Innovation can be only achieved when we implement these ideas and test their results. We help you to implement your ideas using our Project Management piece which helps you to oversee the progress of the project as well as help you to validate the results and finding from the project.
Gain Visibility
View real-time reports and status for all your team's projects
Simplify Planning
Easily turn strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success
Enable Collaboration
Centralised communication with stakeholderswhile maintaining full context
Create Best Practices
Clone successfully implemented projects across the organisation to achive standardisation

The visibility you need to make more informed decisions in real-time

Personal Dashboard

Your place to manage individual work. You can set your own target or see the targets set to you by your seniors. IdeaBridge will help you to achieve it. Monitor your personal growth.

Custom Reports

Get a 360 view of your Innovations - by Challenges, Ideas, projects, or location. Run and customized reports to help identify and analyse trends in your organisations, especially for Quantitative Net Income

Connect your essential business tools to IdeaBridge and make seamless integrations

Getting work done can involve multiple tools, and connecting them to IdeaBridge puts everything right at your fingertips. Whether its forwarding integrating ERP data, accessing files in the cloud, working with documents and images, or integrating with other systems, our apps and integrations enable you easily have all your information in one place and automante cross platform workflow. And, by using our APIs, you can seestially connect any tool to IdeaBridge.

Enterprise -class security & IT controls provide peace of mind

Robust Authentication

Leverage corporate identity directory and security policies, centralize control of user access in IdeaBridge, establish an easy to use and yet secure way to log into the IdeaBridge cloud application.

FEATURES: SSO and integration with Active Directory

Role Based Access Control

Everyone accesses data based on the business on a need-to-knot basis. Department leaders and IT admins get centralized user management and access control.

FEATURES: User groups, role based access, flexible sharing and granular permissions based on the business needs to know basis

Data Protection

Protect your sensitive data from accidental or malicious loss of integrity, availability and confidentiality whether in transit, at rest or on the go.

Features: Data Encryption, Data Governance, Mobile Security and Data Backups
Invite Evaluater
Flexibility to invite cross functional SPOC to review challange,ideas and projects before taking any actions
People who can see your ideas can post their comments and suggestions
Follow ideas and People to get realtime notifications on activities. Keep yourself updated
Up Vote
Vote ideas. Let the management know which idea is having more acceptance
Best of the ideas are developed when you work in a team. IdeaBridge™ assists you to collaborate with your colleagues and work on Challenges, Ideas and Projects

Reward People Let them know you value their contribution

Point System
Configure points for each activity the user accomplishes. Set targets for the users. Convert points to currency or integrate external APIs with HR system to encash them with the paycheck
Motivate your employees by recognising their contribution by posting their ideas and picture on the home page. IdeaBridge also has created a badge system which the user has to earn after accomplishing the given task. Prominent achievers are listed on the company Leaderboard

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