Governments need Innovation Tools

Today innovation is the prime requirement – it promotes the capacity to absorb knowledge, encourages people to strive to become better. A country and an economy that is able to research, develop, and implement new technologies stand a better chance at accelerated innovation. Those who are able to absorb and use new technologies are further able to generate new ideas and ‘think’ innovation. The challenge, for large government ‘machineries’, is being able to deploy innovation programs speedily enough to affect positive change. The inherent bureaucracy in procedures, the need for massive transformation in the mindset of the human capital, and networking issues, prove to be obstacles in the creation of new ideas and hence, innovating. Innovation must be given precedence, and a bottom-up or top-down approach should not matter. The goal for governments must be inclusive, implementable, and sustainable innovation strategies.

We at IdeaBridge are ‘wired’ to help governments understand the most relevant innovations, and to put these into practice to build better governance. We provide an immersive environment geared towards immediate transformation by exploring, testing, and applying innovation. We ensure that the strategies are not only relevant, but can be deployed at scale and remain sustainable. We believe in the engagement of the peoples, the encouragement of their ideas, and the vast knowledge available – all together, which can bring innovation in unprecedented ways. We understand and help with applying the innovation through the exchange of ideas, got directly from the citizens.

We are experts, with years of experience, at creating customized platforms, with cutting edge technology, to manage ideas from all rungs of society. The platform would empower citizens to contribute ideas without hesitation and fear of ridicule, help governments put these ideas to work and hence contributing to the successful implementation of perspective changing projects.


Outcome and Benefits:

  • The governments would be able to accumulate a wealth of innovative ideas and became the keeper of this big data

  • The citizens and the government would have access to a platform that is unique, transparent, and one that would support the smooth and seamless exchange and implementation of ideas

  • The sharing and reporting process of ideas would be easily tracked through a proper dashboard and reporting system

  • There would be systematic escalation matrix which would prevent wasteful follow ups and time lapses

  • A customized application that would be within budget, existing workflow, and current software, and would be delivered within the stated timelines

  • The system of tracking would ensure that the person responsible for offering a successful idea would be rewarded. This in turn, would encourage others to come forth with ideas that would be nonpareil.

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