22nd September 2020

IdeaBridge® Exhibits at the 16th CII India Innovation Summit 2020

IdeaBridge®, the leading enterprise innovation management platform has achieved recognition by being the leading provider of innovation and collaboration solution platform in India by helping make innovation culture a norm in India. The IdeaBridge® Platform helps ensure that organisations gain simplified processes to generate innovative products, services and business strategies. With crowdsourcing, customisable workflows and a game-like experience, the platform has helped save over $10 million in costs and has been a breakthrough for companies, with over 500 patents filed for innovations.

With a renowned clientele like VFS Global, Adani Group, Uno Minda Group, TAFE, TMTL, Orient Electric, NBC Bearings and HIL, part of the CK Birla Group, IdeaBridge® continues to fulfil all innovative requirements. Thus, IdeaBridge® was sure to participate in the CII India Innovation Summit Exhibition 2020.

The CII India Innovation Summit Exhibition 2020 was hosted on the 14th-17th of September on a virtual CII HIVE platform. The NPC 2019 is India’s largest platform that connects software product leaders. CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) is a non-governmental, non-profit, industry-led and managed organization, which comprises of 9100 members including both SMEs and MNCs, and 300,000 enterprises with an indirect membership.

The exhibition

Manav Kapoor, the Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at IdeaBridge®, says, “Exhibiting and participation at the CII Innovation Summit 2020 was truly enlightening as to how India is surely on its way to become an innovation hub, including the fact that India is climbing the ranks in Global Innovation Index. We were delighted to present our exhibit to global innovative industries. The CII Platform presents a good networking opportunity with various industry experts, government bodies and sustainable innovation industry.”

The theme of this year’s CII India Innovation Summit was ‘Resilience and Resurgence: Innovating for Society 5.0’ which showcased various innovation verticals and industries, with opportunity to drive innovative growth towards global markets. The Summit hosts thought leaders, innovators and investors from across the globe. The virtual summit comprised of over a 1000 delegates and participants attending the exhibition showcasing innovative product and services.

With debates, panel discussions and conferences on topics such as Future of Innovation, Financing New Business Models & Rethinking Health and Wellness, Innovation in Manufacturing & Education, and Innovation in Retail and Public Services, the Summit was truly a knowledgeable experience for government bodies, private/public sector and students alike.

Exhibiting at the CII Innovation Summit creates significant opportunity for various organizations to showcase their innovative solutions and network with other delegates from renowned organizations. IdeaBridge® leveraged its participation by exhibiting at the summit, displaying product demos to over a 100 visitors over the course of four days. With visitors from various industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, retail, R&D, education and may more. IdeaBridge also had the opportunity to network with government body representatives as well. The exhibition was evidence to the fact that innovation is being celebrated in the Indian Industry and is being recognized in global markets.

The 16th CII India Innovation Summit 2020 has come to a close until next year. At IdeaBridge®, you can entrust us to bring the right innovative solution for your organisation. It’s not just a platform; IdeaBridge® helps you find the best process to implement innovative ideas within your organisation and for enhancing your customer experience. If you’re interested to learn more about the platform, get in touch with [email protected] or call +91-9820194157



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