Powering Collaboration, Innovation & Process Improvement for Companies Endows IdeaBridge to Thrive at GoodFirms

Incorporating the power of crowd-sourcing, social collaboration, game mechanics, and big data analytics endow IdeaBridge to get dub as one of the best workflow management software at GoodFirms.

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Overview of IdeaBridge

Incepted in 2015 and based in Mumbai, IdeaBridge is the leading platform in India for enterprise idea & innovation management platform. It also helps the companies to micro-apps and automates custom scenarios such as patent management, EHS, grievance management, and a few others. Furthermore, IdeaBridge inhibits the power of crowd-sourcing, social collaboration & mechanics, and big data companies to gain and implement the ideas obtained from the employees & clients. These ideas, later on, can easily be converted into substantial profitable projects and best practices that ultimately boost the ROI of the businesses. IdeaBridge caters its services to the clients of different verticals like - professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and energy. It holds a product innovation lab in Essex (UK). It has its regional presence across SEA, Middle East, and Australia region along with the network of Sales Associates and Channel partners.

How is IdeaBridge unique from others in the competitive market?
  • The professionals at IdeaBridge believe in creating excellent ideas for which one needs to have an open mind and clutter-free canvas. This philosophy has driven the team to develop an intuitive and pleasant UI that enables the users to create the next big idea.
  • The team also helps the users to accelerate their process of ideation and scale innovation with effective forms.
  • Furthermore, the team at IdeaBridge helps the clients to execute the ideas using their Project Management piece which enables them to oversee the progress of the project as well as help you to validate the results and finding from the project.
  • The team provides the clients with the facility to view real-time reports and status for all your team's projects.
  • Moreover, they also exhibit the services that enable the users to turn strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success quickly.
  • The team makes the communication process centralized with stakeholders while maintaining full context. 
  • Lastly, the team successfully implements the projects through the clone across the organization to achieve standardization.

Thus, easily customizing the look and feel of the websites without a line of code endows IdeaBridge to earn a label of best workflow management software at GoodFirms.

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