11th February 2020

IdeaBridge® Unveils its IdeaBridge® PaaS (Platform as a Service) Solution

IdeaBridge®, renowned as the leading provider of innovation and workflow management solutions to some of the most renowned global organisations, has now unveiled its all new service, the IdeaBridge® PaaS (Platform as a Service). The IdeaBridge® Enterprise Innovation Management Platform not only helps generate innovative business ideas that help solve challenges within and out the organization, but also provides the flexibility to create and automate its own custom scenarios. 

With a clientele like the Adani Group, VFS Global, Uno Minda Group, TAFE, TMTL, Orient Electric, NEI and HIL Industries of CK Birla Group, IdeaBridge® has proven to be a reliable source to fulfil enterprise innovation needs. To help reduce manual labour and complexity, the IdeaBridge® PaaS provides a certain number of services and features that can be of great advantage to the organization.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) feature is essentially a low-code platform that help build micro-apps and automate custom scenarios for enterprises, such as Patent Management, EHS, Grievance Management, Ticket Management etc. The IdeaBridge® PaaS automates business processes so one gains a holistic perspective while maintaining a track on budget and investment. 

With a solution that not only enhances collaboration but is also all-integrative, IdeaBridge® PaaS helps organizations run and manage their business process applications effectively. The features also help adapt to constantly evolving changes and opportunities in a timely manner. IdeaBridge® PaaS helps maximize profits while minimizing the cost and investment.

At IdeaBridge®, you can always find your innovation solutions. It’s not just a platform, IdeaBridge® helps customise workflows according to your organisational needs, ensuring maximum transparency that ultimately leads to systematic growth of your business, all the while boosting employee productivity and customer experience.


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