Accelerate Your Growth with Innovation Management

You’re probably looking for new avenues to enhance customer satisfaction, or maybe you want to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. Here’s how Client increased not only their savings, but also empowered their employees and customers through one platform.

While the time and technologies change around us, so does its impact on the business world. The need to adapt to evolving consumer behaviour and business process is essential for long-term success. But where do you begin? The answer to that lies in the core of your organisation, the employees.

Due to various departments, offices, locations or even due to timing, there are fewer opportunities to identify risks or challenges and provide the right solution for them.  This is where the IdeaBridge® innovation management platform comes into the picture.

IdeaBridge®, the enterprise innovation management platform, has been making its mission to help businesses solve the challenges their employees, customers or organisation faces. IdeaBridge® is the leading platform in India for Enterprise Idea and Innovation Management to enhance your business process, customer experience and employee satisfaction through a single platform. 

Let’s take the example of   largest international company for managing administrative tasks related to visa, passports, identity management and citizen services, it serves over 60 governments in its client base. With over 2675 centres in 139 countries worldwide, it processes over 165 million applications. Hence, the need for streamlining their process and connecting the teams worldwide was essential. 

Client understood the need of inspiring creativity and collaboration in their employees would aid the success and growth for the company, hence they chose IdeaBridge® to create an all-inclusive innovation platform to encourage employees to make their contributions. The employees would contribute their ideas for projects and suggest best practices which would build a knowledge base and ensure all ideas would be aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction.  

IdeaBridge® created and implemented a platform where users across 120 countries would be empowered to contribute innovative and practical solutions that were aimed towards the sustainable success for everyone. With multi-lingual support and enterprise level security, the platform was accessible through iOS and Android, so employees could make their contributions on-the-go. 

The platform not only helped gather the solutions, but also provided a streamlined process to implement the approved and implementable ideas by converting them into projects. With reward points accumulation and the enabling the users to redeem their points, the platform also helped boost employee morale.

The reward and recognition feature encouraged employees to collaborate and engage with each other to find the best innovative solutions that would help improve their business process and reduce challenges faced by the company or their customers.

Within the first year of implementing the IdeaBridge® platform, Client could enhance and sustain innovation as part of their work-culture, so that their employees feel empowered to share their solutions for any challenge that comes their way. The platform also assisted in transforming innovation as a value. 

In the first year alone, Client achieved their milestones. About 3974 ideas were generated without any external training, out of which 546 implementable projects took shape. But, that’s not all. Client put 305 best practices in place.

If that’s not reason enough, the company also saved up to $1.6 Million in cost savings. IdeaBridge has been instrumental in proving that their approach towards creating a customizable innovation management platform not only helps reduce costs but also enhances employee engagement and satisfaction which in turn leads to accelerated growth for your organization. 


If you’re interested in taking the first step towards making innovation culture the norm at your workplace, log on to for further information!

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